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Find the equations of the hyperbola satisfying the given conditions :Foci (±4,0), the latus rectum is of length 12



hello question is find the equation of the hyperbola it is find the given condition in the given condition is poker is equals to plus minus 40 and the lake is of length 2L ok so where to find the equation of hyperbola if this two equal condition are given so if you or your text here you can see that the poker is completely lies on the x x square minus y square equal to 12 to find the equation of hyperbola we need to know the value of a and b and it the value of this two will we find the using this two condition ok let's see how we can use it be known that the length of latus rectum is given as 2 x square Upon A equals to
it is given as 12 to we can hear observed that in their and there is a relation of MBA square and a and it is given as b square equal to time ok so aur first condition is used now let's see our first condition we know that the fork it can be reached the general coordinator for Asian region + - 30 ok so by comparing this we can say that C = 24 there is a relation between C and b and it is given 80 square equals to a square + b square and C is 80 is given as both so it is equal to 16 equals to if we are writing here only a square now for this and be a square B and write it in terms of
Sudeep full information will be form a quadratic and shoulders put for topper so what we are going to get age he is square + 6 Y - 3 = 20 it is a simple quadratic equation we can solve this by solving what we are going to get in a value is equals to this two roots we are going to get from this quality now ft equal to minus real going to create a b is equal to 18 to see that is going to be -48 as because it is minor it is -48 and it is because I am writing here be a square is equal to minus 48 if you put is -18 this equation and we know that
here in this site it is positive always and it is saying negative this can be never be possible to this value of equals to minus 8 is going to be not accepted so we can I take the a value of a = 22 and does the way square value is can be written as a putting a board find the value of a and b is here to find the equation of hyperbola x square Upon A squared minus y square upon 20 by 20 February 2012 so our the required hyperbola equation is 112 4 minus y square upon 12421 thank you


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