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Find the equation the conic wh...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : `7x ^(2) + 2xy + 7y ^(2) - 10 x + 7 =0` yes it is an ellipse

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hi guys equation given here is find the equation of the cone whose focus is at one cover -1 as centricity is 1 by 2 and the directrix is x minus Y is equal to 3 if the cone conic section and electro here the value of e Centre city is 1 by 2 and for an ellipse for ellipse the value of value of g is always less than one and for a hyperbola hyper bola value value of E is greater than 1 and for parabola parabola is equal to 1 so here in this case the first condition satisfies so

the ellipse is a hyper is a an ellipse so the communication so now we can focus on the question so here we have our here we have our co-ordinate Axes and the equation of the directrix is x minus Y is equal to 3 that means the X co-ordinate would be equal to 3 and Y coordinates would be equal to minus 3 Y co-ordinate is -3 over here jio ka -3 and the equipment will be three comma so that pretty much should be the equation of this line so now we need to focus that where the focus is so here the focus is 1 - 1 and 4

standard for standard ellipse any standard conic the formula can be written as PS is equal to time pm let me show you what these things are so for an ellipse like this so this is the director ok and I let's consider any point P over here now the foot of perpendicular on the directrix is M is the focus so for any or any the conic can be written as f is equal to EP so we will use this relation and

let's see what happened would be equal to the distance of the point on an ellipse from the from the focus so which is equal to x minus the focus is 1 - 1 whole square + Y - of - 1 whole square auditor power 1 by 2 which is equal to the value of g is one by two and pm the PM can be written as putting the value of the foot of perpendicular can be written as putting the values on the line and will have 1 - of minus 1 minus 3 upon under root of a square + b square which is equal to 1 square + 1 square so now let considered x minus one

x minus 1 whole square + Y + 1 whole square race to the power 1 by 2 is equal to 1 by 2 time this - 8 - forget + and 2 - 3 would be minus 1 upon root 2 whole is within mod solid square both sides and we will get x minus 1 whole square + Y + 1 whole square is equal to 1.4 and hear it will be equal to 1 upon 2 and now the finally will get our answer of this question x minus 1 whole square + Y + 1 whole square is equal to 158 so this is

the formula in the equation of the ellipse thank you

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