Find the equation of the straight line passing through (3,-2) and making an angle of 60^0 with the positive direction of y-axis.



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Updated On: 16-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello one in this question find the equation of a straight line passing through 3 - 2 and making an angle of 60 degree with positive direction of x-axis now let's make a diagram to represent the given situation and the diagram is this is my y-axis and this is my access right now the lines passing through 3 - 2 - 3 - 23 - 2 will be roughly hear this is one two three and this is 12 so I have 3 ko -2 l hear this is my 3 - 2 now if I draw a line which passes through 3 - 2 and something was like this something goes like this and making an angle of making an angle of 60 degree
01:00 - 01:59with positive direction of y axis right now this angle is 60 degree then we need to find the equation of this red line if this is 60 then is it is also 60 by what by using by using you can say by using vertically opposite angle of this is 90 this must be 30 write this must be 38 this is 30 then this angle is 150 with positive direction of x-axis so the Redline making theta equals to 150 degree with positive direction of x-axis positive direction of x-axis so I can say my shlok here is than 150 and what is mitron 150 that is -10 3130 is minus 1 by root 3 so equation of line will be equation of line
02:00 - 02:59why -1 and 1 mai 1 -2 slow minus 1 by root 3 x minus x one that is 32 I have root 3 by 2 root 3 equals to minus x + 3 so finally I have X + root 3 Y + 2 root 3 minus 3 equal to zero to this is my required after that we need to find thank you

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