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Find the equation of the parabola that satisfies the given conditions:Vertex (0, 0), passing through (5, 2) and symmetric with respect to y–axis.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
Since the vertex is `(0,0)` and the parabola is symmetric about the y-axis. Equation of the parabola is either of the form `x^2=4ay` or `x^2=-4ay` <br> The parabola passes through point `(5,2)` which lies in the first quadrant <br> `:.` the equation of the parabola is of the form `x^2=4ay` <br> point `(5,2)` must satisfy the equation `x^2=4ay` <br> `:. 5^2=4xxaxx2` <br> `=>25=8a` <br> `=>a=25/8` <br> Thus, the equation of the parabola is `x^2=4(25/8)y` <br> `2x^2=25y`


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hello the question is given as find the equation of parabola that satisfies the human condition and the conditions are vertex is 800 and passing through 52 and with respect to Y so let's use this three condition to find the equation of parabola so first condition is what is 800 so it is going to be at origin ok and since it is symmetric with respect to y axis by using this the parabola graph can be drawn like this two options that ok so it but there parking 200 and they imitate about their symmetry are going to be one of them so

HD course there are saying that it is passing through 5828 will let X and Y coordinates both are positive and if you are observed here here h y co-ordinate why ordinate is always always in the creative so this is not going to be aware of possible graph so our possible parabola will be like me ok so and hair 52 will live anywhere ok does we can see that our equation off for general x square equal to 4 why ok and for this we know that it is given as access request for a wife OK it is not required we require this equation so let's use this equation so in this equation what is unknown the value of g is

on ok to find the value of P use this condition that this parabola is passing through 52 ok so this X and Y will be satisfied by this court in it so let's put this co-ordinate and what we are going to get that see so x square so 5 x square y square = 24 into a into y y is equals to 2 so he is going to be 25 upon it ok so we have got the value of will get recreation of parallel side is given as a square equals to Ho time 2548 into simplification can be done and does we are going to get a Squad 2 x square equal to 25 1 ok does the

equation of parabola is going to be 2 x square equal to 25 Y ok thank you

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