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Find the equation of the line passing through point 2ˆiˆj+3ˆk and parallel to vector ˆi+ˆj2ˆk in vector form as well as Cartesian form.



Odia question is find the equation of a line passing through the point - 3 + 3 k cap and parallel to the vector i + J - 2 k cap in vector format cells cartesian form so we know that in vector form the equation of a line can be written as our is equal to a + b is the direction vector of the line which is parallel to the given line of parallel lines and is the position vector of the point at which the line is offering write this is how we write a vector form of the of align right in this question we are given that the line is passing to this point that means this will be our a vector then and this is parallel to the better it was a menace to pick up that means according to this equation director right out of equation of the line X + 3 k cap + Lambda
which is it is a - 2 k + - 2 k cap vector form h = 2y - 3 + 3 k + X - 2 k now it is also ask that you find out equation in cartesian form also showing cartesian form the general equation of line is x minus x minus 1 upon a is equal to Y minus one upon b is equal to Z - z13 write this is the ka tation right where the X1 Y1 and Z1 points are the points to be the longest fasting right and even a b c are erection issues of the time is parallel to the required line in this question we have given that the position to I - 3 + 3 k for using this position that we can see that the points of a vector a will be 2 - 32 - 13 the line is passing through a point x 1
Y1 and set 12 - 1 and 3 red and direction ratios are the reduction ratio vector of the Parallel Lines which is Eye plus B minus C that 11 and -1 edition is of the line direction ratios that is a b c are 11 and -2 write equation and get the required equation 2 x minus x minus 2 Upon A is 1 is equal to Y minus 1 is -13 kam + 1 upon 1 and lead manager at one is that minus 3 upon -2 this is what are cartesian equation of the required line write thank you


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