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Find the equation of the line ...

Find the equation of the line passing through (-2, 1) and perpendicular to `4x + 5y = 6`. 

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Answer :
`5x - 4y + 14 = 0`


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hello friends I hope you are doing well so that started this question is hereby given that we have to find the equation of the line passing through -2 kam oven and perpendicular to 4 x + 5 equal to let's see how we can do that sequence when it is that two lines are then two lines are perpendicular to each other through the multiplication of the gradient visit M1 M2 M3 - 1 you know that this land is embedded in the same one and the same gradient is M2 to mm2 to M2 equal to -1 let's suppose the this is the length 4 x + fibre equal to 6 and where to find the equation of the line a close friend you know that the gradient of the transport X + 5 equal to 6 is we can say like that five equal to 6 - 4 x + Y equal to minus 4 x by

5 + 3 by 5 so this is of the form equal to Y equal to MX + C source when they've got a gradient so why M equal to minus 4 by 5 on comparing two students into M2 equal to -1 we got the value of m for which is equals to minus 4 by 5 we can find m2m to equal to 5 by 4 friends how proportions and Joseph to put the values to equation of a line is Y minus 1 equal to m x minus x 10 students Y minus the point value point is -2 kam -2 kam Siya -2 kam so the value of Y is one which is equals to add value of gradient is fibre fibre 4

and x minus x porn with minus 2 Y + 2 is equals to visit = 24 A4 - 4 which equal to 5 + 10 = 25 x minus 4 Y equal to minus 14 is a answer thank you

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