Find the equation of the hyperbola whose one directrix is 2x+y=1, the corresponding focus is (1, 2) and eccentricity is sqrt(3)



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Updated On: 22-6-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello students let's discuss the question find the equation of the hyperbola whose one directrix is 2 x + Y equal to 1 and the corresponding focus is 12 and its Centre is group 3 so let's begin the function of this question so here are just will use the local directories property and here we can write a given condition so your focus is given to focus on the Hai per Bulai 12 and centricity centricity this is given as root 3 year and the directrix this is given as 2x + Y to X + Y and it is a state or local DirectX property so we can say that they let the coordinator of this focus will be let's name this point will be less and if we assume any point on the hyperbola wishes line this
01:00 - 01:59will be any point and if we will draw the diagram of this so late this will be our for dinner Texas and that this will be our one part of the hyperbola h hai par Bula will be like this may be tilted but for the general case will assume that let this will be our hyperbola and focus will be somewhere here it's no place we have that this will be our focus somewhere or anywhere on the central focus and here for the hyperbola that to hear this will be the focus will be inside this and that this will be our directory so any point on the hyperbola is to be supposed to read this will be our point P so if you enjoyed this point p.m. this PF or we can say since we have stated this process change this will be so this focus is S adjust directors is being and this is any point on this hyperbola that is P in join this directed by perpendicular line to this point P so that will
02:00 - 02:59be like this this will be a perpendicular line and let's name this point will be am from here for this opendirectories property we can say that any question of any conic section that will be given by PS equal to 3 p.m. this will be the basically opendirectories property relation to hear the displacement equal to distance of any point from the focus and this p.m. will be perpendicular distance of any point on the chronic from the directrix and is the central city so if you just use distance formula to get the value of p s and p m will be formed by using the formula for getting a perpendicular distance of a point from the inner line so if you just a reminder that formula If a line is drawn to us that is a x + B Y + c then this will be zero and let this is any line and tiffin name any point a let a point is given as our X1 Y1 and perpendicular distance of a point from this line
03:00 - 03:59is given by the equal to 1 + here will be Y1 Lassi upon this will be root of a square + b square formula for getting the perpendicular distance just use this condition or if this condition so here we get this is PS square that will be equal to Ishwar and 2 p.m. will directly use this condition that is a square and is per CM square so here we can write this distance formula that is the distance formula get the value of p s that will be like this that is the root of The Year will be left to minus 1 whole square + Y2 minus 1 whole square and hear this can be stated is X1 Y1 and let this be just writer or distance formula equation that will be at minus 1 whole square and careful with this why -2 police basically this is the value of RPS and we will just put to use this type of condition in here
04:00 - 04:59is a substitute is well presented it is group 32 E-Square will come out with this will be three and hear this will be PM square whole bracket here we'll just Shakti 22 bracket here and we will use with formulas that will be like this that is a point a will be supposed to be like this that is point P and line will be this 2x + Y equal to 12 it will take this one on the side because here the constant term is on the left hand side of this equal to so that will be like to X + here will be y upon Kiya will be root of square of efficient that is sum of square of efficient like this a square + b square + b square + 1 square feet to square will be 4 and this will be + so basically this is and here we have to put a smile because here this is PMS to that will be square if this condition so we can write this year will be this this is so that will be written as a x minus 1 year will be x
05:00 - 05:59minus 1 whole square and this + Y - 2 Holy Spirit we can write business + here will be Y minus 2 whole square and this thing will be equal to that is 3 into this will be in the denominator there will be 4 + 1 route to that will be root 5 is wearing that we get this is pipes that will be 5 and here we get this + Y - 1 square foot 2 X + Y - 1 whole square + x square into it will support putting a bracket here to X phone to this wall bracket to forget this is 5 x hear this will be X - 1 opening this police per opening this Poll is where we get this is accessed here will be Plus and minus 2 x square minus 2 whole square will result in y square + 4 minus 4 Y and that will turn will be equal to 3 x square if you just opened this is where do we get this is a 28 polished metal
06:00 - 06:59that will be products will be white square so that will be Y squared minus 1 is equal to 1 square here to get will be one year will be + 2 into 2 into voice that will be to acquire so 2 into 2 x y z i will be this why into minus 1 into two that will be - 2y and this into minus 1 into two so that will be -4 this is the value so it will just summarise this equation for that will be 5 x square y square this will be this will be oneplus 4 that will be 5.5.2 52 that will be 25 soldiers to write in Quantum so that will be 25 and hear this 5 into minus 2 X so that will be -10 and we can say that if you'll just really is this this two times because we're just included this port into the sum and then we are multiplied to that will be + 5 y square here and that will be
07:00 - 07:59-4.25 to that will be -20 Y and Z is equal to this 3 into force that will be adjusted 12 x 12 hear this will be 3 y square + 3 y square here and this will be -3 that is 3 into 10 + 10 + 3 will be there and this 3 into 2 into 2 into that will be 4 x square into 32 that will be + 12xy only and this 3 into minus 2 Y so that will be minus 6 Y and hear this into this - 4 x that will be -218 if you'll just rearrange this word equation so that 5.6.12 it will take all the term on this side so that equal to zero will be like this that is 12 x square - 5 x square upon that will be 7 x square near this will be the three wise and white quotes that will result in minus 2 y square + Y square on this side and this
08:00 - 08:59item that is 12xy so we can write this as it is to the silver 12xy and in the summation we can say that this will be available this - 12 x and this - 10 x so that will be result in here will be - 2 X near and this 21 that is of negative sign and district wise to after taking this 21 suicide so that will result in a 14 why with the positives and supporting why and the constant term submission to the points 25 and here with constant is 3 so on taking this content constant so that will be -22 equal to zero answer to this question that will be this equation that is the equation of the iPad which we have to find that is this 7 x square minus 2 y square + 12 x square - 2 X + 14 Y - 22 equal to zero answer to this question will be this thank you

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