Find the equation of the ellipse, with major axis along the x-axis and passing through the points (4,3)and (1,4).


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find the equation of the ellipse with major Axis along the x axis and passing through the points for 3 and minus 14 so major axis is along with me equation of the ellipse when major accessories along x-axis is given as x square y square + Y square equals to 1 now lips passes through point 4 3 and -1 so this point to satisfy the equation of ellipse first we will put the four common 3 x is equal to force it will be for a square + Y is 33 square divided by x square equal to from nearly ke 16
square + 9 = 21 for this will be equal to 16 b square + 9 x square equal to square let this recreation and now we will put the point - 14 in the equation to this will be my 1 square divided by X square + 4 y square equals to 1 from where we get one by a square + 16 b square equal to 1 question will be b square + 16 a square equals to a square b square that this recreation to ok now we will subtract equation 1 by multiplying system with equation to ok so equation one will be fixed in PSK + 9 square equals to
test level X 16in equation to this one will be 16 be a square + 16 into 16 is 256 a square equals to 16 is available subtractor equation so this will be a square minus b square will cancel out square minus 256 a square which is equal to minus 247 is this is equal to x square - 16 square which is -15 a square B square minus minus will cancel out a square will cancel out from where we get vs request 2247 / 15 now we will put this value of square in equation 1 from equation 1 we get
equation what is 16 b square + 9 is equals to a level put the value of 20 Pradesh Railway 16 Holland 2247 by 15 + 9 a square equals to a square into 247 by 15 ok now this will be equal to 16 into 247 / 15 = 2 x square into 247 by 50 - 9 is ok from where we can take is a common so this will be 24715 which is equal to square to 47 - 9 into 15 which is 135
/ 15 ok na 5915 cancel aap so from where we get 16 into 247 equals to not to 47 - 135 112 into is a square of the system will cancel of 112 y7 Pro from here we get a square equals to 247 ok value of a square is 247 divided by 7 and value of a square is 247 / 15 now we will put the value of a square b square in the equation question will be x square y square this will be x square divided by a square is 24077 + Y square divided by x square y square is
24715 and this will be equal to 1 from here Gate 7 x square divided by 247 + 15 y square divided by 247 = 21 aur equation will be 7 x square + 15 y square request 2247 so required equation of ellipse is 7 x square + 15 y square equals to 247 thankyou

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