Find the equation of the ellipse whose vertices are (±13,0)and foci are (±5,0).


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find equation of the ellipse whose vertices are + - 13 0 and foci are + - 50 send this question but uses is along its efforts is along x-axis then measure access will be along x axis is treatment h equation of ellipse will be question of ellipse will be a square B square + Y square by PS sir equals to 1 ok now if x is less than vertices coordinates of vertices is given as plus minus 60 question be given plus minus 1300 from here wicket equals to 13
ok and focal a given as + - = 0 and in question are given plus minus 5 wickets equals to now if equals to 1310 a square will be equal to 169 and we know that she is square equals to a square minus b square equal find value of a square from here now that is 5 square equals to value of a square is 169 it will be 169 minus 3 X square + Y square equals to 169 -25 or be square will be equal to 144 ok now we will put this this value is a square and equation one ok
so equation of ellipse will be x square divided by a square is 169 + Y square b square which is 144 equals to 1 so the question of ellipse thank you

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