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Find the equation of the circle which passes through the points (3,4),(3,-6) and (1,2).



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Updated On: 27-5-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello so here we have a question we have to find the equation of the circle which passes through the points 34 36 and 12 ok so this is the easy question let's do it quickly so you know the general equation of the circle which is x minus x square + Y - K square equals to ask wear for free comma 4.4.2 can add the general equation 3 - 8 square by in place of why it is four square equals to ask question number 1 and now for point 3 - 63 - 603 minus x square + - 6 - K square equals to ask where we can write it has 3 - X square +
01:00 - 01:596 + K square equals to High School at this equation to at minus one common from here and a squad of it this is what I got and now for writing at airport point my 12 ok so my question will become 1 - X square + 2 - ke to manage K square equals to ask violates this equation 3 ok so now I am subtracting equation 1 and writing test question 1 - equation to show a separating them with opening this bracket bracket sizes can see this packet completely this packet and I'm hoping this brackets with 2016 + a square minus 8 ke -36 applying this market 36 +
02:00 - 02:59class 12 ke = 20 this square c square cancel out the search for ok so I can write the value for ke frequency and opening this all the brackets and all so it will cancel out a square b square and this 8k - this thing I can write -20 ke -20 = 20 from here I can write my k s -1 I am doing with the equation 1 operating with equation 3 and subtract two can see and opening the bracket you can see here it is the equation when an equation 3 Swayam opening this is a minus b whole square and cancelling out this so I can write it like that 9 + x square - 6 X + 16 +
03:00 - 03:59K square - 8 K - 1 + x square - 2 X + 4 + K square - 4 k = 20 open the bracket and I subtracted this the bracket on the outside it in the right hand side it is a square and it is R squared that's right is zero so now I want to solve this a little so I will get -4 edge - ok equals to minus 27 the complete thing you can see this as a square is considered the stage and so so from here here at Plus ke can be written as 5 only ok because I can take 4 - 4 common from here and I can divide this -20 by ok so yeah now I am putting the value of k i found
04:00 - 04:59as -1 so from here my h will be equals to 5 plus one and it will be 66 Mukesh -1 I am using the equation 1 so Patang h in equation 1 ok so I can write it has 3 - 6 X square + 4 + 1 square equals to ask where I'm from where I can regulate the value for our square it is nothing but 34 because it is 9 and it is 25 25 + 93434 from putting this all the values in the general equation for by General equation of circle I can write
05:00 - 05:59x minus 6 X square + Y - - - 1 square and square is 34 and write the final answer for this question is nothing but x minus 6 square + Y + 1 square equals to 34 and is the required and equation of the circle thank you

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