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Find the equation of the circle having radius 5 and which touches line `3x+4y-11=0` at point (1, 2).

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
As shown in the figure, the two circles touch the line `3x+4y-11=0` at point (P(1,2). <br> `:. ` Centre lies on the line perpendicular to the tangent at P at distance 5 from it on either side. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/CEN_CG_C04_S01_006_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> Slope of given tangent line is `-(3)/(4)` <br> Thus, the slope of CP is `(4)/(3)`. <br> `:. tan theta=(4)/(3)` <br> `:. `Centre, `C-=(1+-5 cos theta, 2+- 5 sin theta)` <br> `:. C-= (1+-5(3)/(5),2+-5(4)/(5))` <br> `:. C-= (4,6)` or `(-2 , -2)` <br> Therefore, equations of circles are <br> `(x-4)^(2)+(y-6)^(2)=25` <br> or `(x+2)^(2)+(y+2)^(2)=25`


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so we have a question find the equation what we have to find find the equation of a circle having radius 5 which touches the line 3 X + 4 Y - 11 equal to zero at point 12 so this is a line I have already drawn 3 X + 4 Y - 11 equal to zero at this is a point intersection with the circle right now as we can see this line that is if it touches at the one point of a circle that moment it is become the tangent of a circle tangent of a circle always perpendicular to the radius right if so the slope of radius will be perpendicular to the slope of tangent write the slope of the slope of line that is

is slope of line that is standard tangent is -34 right so the slope of the slope of the slope of op will be what for y3 right into M2 is equal to -1 in case of perpendicular in case of perpendicular right so we got a slow right now we will find the centre how we will find the sent Centre will be like this the circle is the image of the circle right so we will got 22.22 centre of the cell

so that mean Aao will be at the centre will be one plus minus 5 cos theta to plus minus 5 sin theta right so how we will find the cos theta and sin theta as we know 10 theta is 4 by 3 right so acostheta will be so that is that is slow right side slope so acostheta will be cos theta will be 3 by 5 and sin theta will be for Wi-Fi right so Centre is one plus minus 5 in 24552

plus minus 5 into into into 4 by 5 here is our 33 right so we get a centre of is 46 or the image that is -2 -2 for the equation equation of circle will be to equation x minus 4 whole square minus 6 whole square equal to radius square that is 5 square x + 2 whole square + Y + 2 whole square equal to 5 square right so

equation of the circle thankyou

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