Class 12






Definite Integration


Find the equation of tangent t...

Find the equation of tangent to `y=int_(x^2)^(x^3)(dt)/(sqrt(1+t^2))a tx=1.`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Answer : `sqrt(2)y=x=1`
Solution : `y|_(x=1)=0,(dy)/(dx)=1/(sqrt(1+x^(5))) 3x^(2)-1/(sqrt(1+x^(4)))2x` <br> or `(dy)/(dx)|_(x=1)=1/(sqrt(2))` <br> Thus, required equation is `ysqrt(2)=x-1`.


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the question is given find the equation of the tangent to voice control integration of DT upon under root of 1 + 3 square and limit is given a Itachi squared 2x cube solve this question given below find out it is controlled by limit 1 + x square into in defence system of upper limit and lower limit in the one square into out through 2 of 2

Vinod that why at 10 so at this is why one power 6 into 10 ki power 4 into 2 into 1 so we get one by root 2 minus of 2 to 1 by now where to find out the equation of tangent so why - waiver and

m into x minus y is given this is why why 10 by 10 and 11 offline digit into x minus 1 by root 2 Y is equal to x minus 1 so we can see that this equation of tangent this is the equation of tangent

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