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Find the equation of tangent to the y=F(x) at x=1, where F(x)=x3xdt1+t2



hello Sohail question the equation of tangent to the curve y = 2 effect at X = 21 bare mein effect is given by integral limit x 2 x cube DT over oneplus t square and so it is question let's follow the steps and we get our answer I am going to find my bi at at X = 21 mobile will be equals to by which is FX = 21 21 cube is 1 under root 1 + 3 square and we all know when we have integration a2a limit effect
National b0ok location of this thing will be cause 20 ok now I got the points ok so first point is given to me which is one and second thing is zero so I got the point P for the equation of tangent equation of tangent and writing equation of tangent is given by Y = 2 x minus 6 1 ok so this is the general equation for tangent we got Y1 we got X1 we just have to find the slope so it is easy to find the flow from this given think so I had to be
bikes to integral x 2 x cube under the root 1 + 3 square now let me tell you that how to calculate the differentiation from this first and understand this if you have a function is equals to integral let se ft DT Something A to B then how to find the definition of this definition of this will become nothing but the of effect with respect to add X equals to now how to differentiate this thing we just have to put this value in all the places of the variable which Steel so I'm putting the value it is FB DB and minus because we do upper limit -1
essay will be the differentiation for this type of thing I am going over here so what will happen it will be DY by DX equal to the limit so it will be DX cube over under the root 1 + x square minus x and lower limit under the root 1 + x square into differentiated will be divided equals to 2 of these things will be 3 x square district HD because we have definition or neutral only ok
the root 1 + x square ok now I'm putting the value as one because the question set B have X = 21 at X = 21 it will be under the root 1 + 1 + root 1 + 1 square and finally I can say my device at X = 21 will be 3 root 2 minus one of the route to it is to our route to for only now I am putting all the day this is my slow ok I am putting all the things in the given in the general equation of the tangent at a already told you equation of tangent is nothing but by my
= 2 x minus 6 1 ok is zero as a calculated slope is root 2 x minus 1 is one given to us and finally I can write equation as root 2 x minus y equals to root to this is the general equation for the reaction


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