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Find the equation of normal to...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : (a) `3x-y-13=0`, (b) `5x-y-20=0`
Solution : We have parabola <br> `y=x^(2)-3x-4` <br> Differentiating w.r.t. x, we get <br> `(dy)/(dx)=2x-3` <br> (a) `((dy)/(dx))_((2","-4))=3` <br> So, equation of normal is <br> `4+4=3(x-3)` <br> `or" "3x-y-13=0` <br> (b) `(dy)/(dx)=2x-3=5` <br> `:." "x=4` <br> So, y=16-12-4=0. <br> Therefore, equation of normal is <br> `y-0=5(x-4)` <br> `or" "5x-y-20=0`

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student question is find the equation of normal to this parabola at the point - 4 and taken parties having slope I am going to talk but but ok and given point - 48 considered coordinates of point P 3 - equation so at this point group of normal and going to find and loop will be equals to minus 3 X upon x minus 1 then going to defend this device Pondy a difference of Y is equals to 2 x minus 3 now

Ricoh -4 yet to find the first -115 by first of all I will find a pond then I will be worse this and multiply with negative time to get a Slope of a pond this is slope of tangent at three comma minus 4 is equals to 2 into 3 - 32 36 - 3 = 23 - what I'm going to do I am going to reverse this and get a second device is equal to 1 upon 3 x minus 1 upon 3 ok equation of normal will be equal to Y minus minus 4 Y + 4 upon x minus x 1 which is at once

is equal to minus 1 upon 3 and this equation of normal this equation of normal ok -48 I'm going to do I am going to find equation of normal to this curve with slow 52 what I'm going to do I am going to find its equation of ok sorry if loop of normal is pipe minus b upon device size 5 x minus sin theta or we can give this end we get X upon X is equals to minus 5 and from here will get device upon DX

is equals to minus one upon 5 and here have already calculated DX upon thee by which is to X is equals to minus one upon 5 suppose this was our parabola this point is it ok to hear this will be it is equals to 3 minus 1 by 5 and become 45 and double can still put in by 7 time and will be equals to 7.5 out of this point 7.59 going to put this exercise 7.5 to get why I will be cause 27549 EP 125

-3 time 7.5 and -3.5 will be 21.5 -4 and LCM 2549 - 5220 105 - 2500 from where do you get Y is equals to 49 -205 upon 25 friend going to -205 and 49 com 15989 speak still come 9 - 45 156 and negative order Billi -1 56.25 to wipe out of this point P is given this

Mithun of normal and i y minus one upon x minus 1 is equals to slope of normal and abnormal is pipe ok slope of normal list by this is equal to 5 Y - 5 and connect it - 156 upon 25 + 15625 phones 1 - X 1 and x 27.5 x minus 3 upon 5 is equal to 5 equation of normal thankyou restaurant

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