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Find the equation of an ellipse whose latus rectum is 8 and eccentricity is 1/3



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Updated On: 24-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello everyone let's start question question paper that find the equation of an ellipse whose letters rectum is 8 and sent it is 1 by 3 so we know that letter rectum purani lips reequil 2 to 20 square by a and that is given that a sore from here we can cancel out this and b square will be 4 times a this is the one condition now also given that is entry City so we know that you centricity x is equal to 1 by 3 is given and we know that there is a condition for b square b square will be equal to a square x by 1 minus C square feet will put the value that will be 4 is equal to this is a square 1 - this will be E Square that is 1 by 3 whole square is 119 so that will be
01:00 - 01:59from here this will cancel out will remain a so that is so that 4 is equal to a x this will be 9 - 18 that will be hit by 90 again this will cancel out and here will be too so we can say that is equal to 9 by to this will be left hand side after cross multiplication to be good value of a so we can find the value of v b square we know that is equal to four so that will be 4 x 9 by to so that will be 18 so we know that equation of ellipse is equal to x square by square + Y square b square is equal to 1 so we can put the value of a and a square b square to from here is square will be 81/4 so that will be as square divided
02:00 - 02:5981 by 4 + Y square divided by square will be a 3 is equal to 12 this will be in numerator that will be correct square divided by 81 + Y square divided by 3 is equal to 12 this is the required equation of ellipse I hope you understood it thank you

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