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Class 12






Differential Equations


Find the equation of a curve ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Given slope is ,<br> `=>(dy)/(dx)​=(2x)/(y^2)`​<br> `=>dyy^2=2xdx`<br> Integrating both sides,<br> `=>∫y^2dy=∫2xdx`<br> `=>(y^3)/3​=x^2+C`<br> When,` x=−2,y=3`<br> `=>9=4+C`<br> `=>C=5`<br> Therefore, the equation of the required curve is<br> `(y^3)/3​=x^2+5.`<br>

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find the equation of a curve passing through the point 23 given that the slope of the tangent to the curve at any point x y is 2 x square so we can see in the slope of the tangent that into a liquid soap to any specific to any curve the floor of the tangent to a curve given by ineke so Tukde Mein / days but here this is giving is equal to X by y square so we can say that therefore DY by DX is equal to 2 X by y square not take item to one side and extend to other sites will get y square the wire is

equal to 2 X the now we have to integrate this term integrating integrating both times both sides integration symbol is equals to 2 x dx an integrating both sides will get y cube 3 by 2 + 1 by X ^ 2 + 1 upon 2 + 1 that is why cube is equal to 2 into X + 122 + some content of the constant term whenever we integrate any function There comes a constant I'm so we get white cube by 3 is equal to X square + 3 and the question 23 is given give in X is equals to 2

and Y is equal to 2 find the value of this constant ft x = 22 and Y = 23 in this equation we will get then this will get 9327 by 3 is ninth is equal to 22 and 24 + c will get C is equal to b equal to 5 in the situation will get there for the final will become their for the equation O the required to which the slope is given in the question to required curve is y cube by 3 is equal to X

square + 5 final answer this is the equation of the reply I hope you all thank you

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