Updated on:26/04/2023

Find the equation for the ellipse that satisfies the given conditions:Length of minor axis 16, foci (0,±6).



hello students to the question for today is find the equation for that satisfies the given conditions length of minor axis is 64106 ok so now we know that the foci of ellipse is given by 0 + - sunao that it is given by us and we also know because the focus is on zero power plus minus a major axis is along y-axis the equation of the ellipse to be x square b square + Y square by a square is equal to 1 now comparing 0 plus minus
C which is the book which is actually of the ellipse the given figure which is zero power plus minus 6 ok we got the value of C is equals to 6 so now we go to Wallace equal to 6 now length of minor axis is equals to to be which is given to us is equal to 16 therefore the value of b is equal to 8 ok so now the value of biwi god will be now we have to find the value of a to substitute that can get the relation between be and it is given by request to a square minus b square is equal to Udaipur square
is equal to 36 plus 64 a square is equal to 120 value of a square 800w of 20 8.4 be square will be 64 therefore we know the value of a square and square in this will substitute in the given equation pet will be x square by b square which is 64 + Y square by a square which is the value of a square is hundred is equals to 1 this is the final required so much


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