Updated on:30/05/2023

Find the equation for the ellipse that satisfies the given conditions:b = 3, c = 4, centre at the origin; foci on a x axis.



hello students today's question for that satisfies the given conditions So B and C is equal to 4 and Centre is at origin and focus lies on the the general equation of the ellipse will be basically x square by a square + Y square b square equal to what ok major axis is along x axis and along its Axis at a given that is now we are free and so we know the relation between a and b is equal to the value of C is given as port to show four square is equals to a square minus b the value of 3.3
a square is equal to 9 + 16 a square is equal to 25 to the value of a square is equal to 25 event here so x square by 25 + Y square by b square the value of BF3 so it is a square by 9 this is the equation for the electric wire thank you so much


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