Find the equation a plane containing the line `vecr =t veca` and perpendicular to the plane containing the line `vecr = u vecb and vecr = v vec c.`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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illustrate the given problem is find the equation of a plane containing the line y is equals to a vector perpendicular to the plane containing the line y is equals to movie vector and R is equal to BC vectors to make a plane which equation we are finding this is a plane and this plane containing a line let's say this is a line this plane contain and we know that the equation of plane equation of line so here we write the equation of line what is the equation of line in vector form in vector form this is equal to R is equal to a + Lambda x b vector this is a vector which is passing through this line the line passing through a point and SB letter is parallel to this vector silhouettes in this is a vector B which is parallel to the silent this is a vector and hear this vector given is a vector a vector and one thing is also there this plane is perpendicular to the another plane this plane is a perpendicular to another plane at this is a plane which is perpendicular to display let's say this is a perpendicular

this given plane so and this plane containing two lines so this plane contain lets it two lines the first line and their two lines this is a first line and this is a letter s light and what is the parallel vector of these two line The parallel vector is this a vector and b vector let's say this is our here we make two vector which are perpendicular which are parallel to this two lines should be returned 1st vector that should be returned this is the vector perpendicular to its plane if we find the vector like this here a better this what is this better this vector cross product of B and C so this better value is B cross the now if this is because the end this is a if we take the cross we are finding the normal vector to the plane we are finding this vector b vector come to this is a plane and this is also the parallel vector type of this is a plane plane so we take the cross of these two vector the

this to better this we cross the vector and b vector this give the normal vector so here we write the value of this normal vector a and vector so what is the value of this and vector and b vector is equals to a vector cross B Cross c vector now and what is the a vector over here which is where the point This plane passing through the a vector is 000 because the line this is this point 000 so we can say that this point is zero i + J + K that was always goes to what are the equation of plane so we know that equation of plane is where we write equation of plane what is the equation of plane we know that the equation of plane is equals to our vector is equals to Yaar Bina that are minus A minus A is equals to zero that means are my daughter and is close to what is vector

where we can directly write a daughter because as 0 r.no and given a cross B cross C is equal to zero this is our equation of plane the Sar final answer is bar final answer of the problem thank you

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