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Find the domain of the real function f(x) defined by f(x)=1|x|2|x|.


Text Solution

For given function to be defined, 1x2x0
Since x0


the question kya hai find the domain the real function effect Defined by effect 6222 sabse pahle to affect likh deta hun effect kitna hai 1 - Mod X upon 2 minus under root 2 is Lete Hain Jab X greater than equal to zero is ko dekhne equal to 0.2 - 600 uski do Main Kya Hogi do mahine Mein Do chij Dhyan Rakhna per Ek to denominator Gionee Hona chahie dusra yah under root ke andar wali quantity positive energy to pahle chij 1 to 2 - X should not be zero Jani eggs should not be equal to to Ek chij to aur dusri cheez 1 - X upon 2
text should be greater than zero of dekhte hain isko Agar Main number line par banao X Kya Hoga Ek Bar Hoga Ek Hoga Agar Main To usse Koi Badi value Rakhta hun latest se 5 Rakhta hun yah negative yah negative over quantity positive one Se To Main negative 1 se kam Mein positive Hamen kya chahie greater than equal to zero Tu kaun si wali rain Jayegi yah aur yahan se nikal Ke Aaya minus infinity se 1 Union 22 infinity to pay mein open Kyon Rakha Kyunki Yahan Se To Nahin ho sakta Kyunki Hamara denominator 0 Jaega lekin yah final answer Nahin Hai Pahle condition Humne kya likh expositor Hona chahie to Yahan is wali se is wali se aur isse wali condition se ine teenon condition se jo finalux Nikal Gaya vah Kya Hai yah Kah Raha Hai Ki X bhai positive Hona chahie to yahan se sirf
Wala Le lete is paath mein se Ya Ho Jaega zero Sevan Union yah Kah Raha Hai Ki X2 Nahin ho sakta To Humne ko open kar diya to use yah Hamara answer Aaya Jab Se Nikal 20 hai theek hai apart to solve karte hain part 2 main Yahan per kar deta hun Jab X less than equal to zero ka ab Dekhte Yahan per Kya Hoga negative Mein cooling effect Mera Kitna Nikal Ke aaega oneplus X upon 2 + theek hai ab bhai ismein condition Ek to kiye denominator 0 Nahin Hona chahie Jani X kya Nahi Hona chahie -2 Ni Hona chahie pahle chij dusri Jise under root ke andar wali chij positive anyone + 6.2 + X should be greater than equal to zero to yahan se Agar Main fir se number line par banao update cal point aaenge - 12 - 1
Agar Main Main Bada number Rakhta hun let's 80 lakh deta hun Tu yah Kitna aaega positive Yahan per negative Yahan per positive theek hai ab Hamen kya chahie yah batana nikal Tu kaun si train Jayegi yah wali yah wali yahan se xkr yah minus infinity se - 2 - 25 open Kyunki yah kara ki -2 Nahin ho sakta Union - 12 - 132 close Rakhi Sakte -12 infinite is condition se is condition se is condition se huin teenon se common answer kya mera yah kya kah raha hai ki bhai x less than equal to zero X negative Hona chahie to yahan se yah wali jo hai yah to Rahegi Union ab yah -12 isko Ham kahan tak rest Karenge 20 Tak yani - 1 se 20 yah Hamare kis condition Mein Hai Jab X less than
equal to zero hai yah condition to I yah condition Banai to aap condition Mana condition to ham log kya Lenge Union Lenge to kitna aaega yah to X positive ke liye to sabse alag negative Ke Liye Mein likh deta hun X negative kya kah Rahe minus infinity se -2 Union -160 theek hai aur yah kya Kah Raha Hai yah Kah Raha Hai Ki X Mera ja raha hai zero se Van Union 22 Infinity ine donon Ko Agar Main club Karke likho to kya likhunga ki bhai x kahan se mera ja raha hai yah kya Kah Raha Hai yah Kah Raha minus infinity se -2 ja raha hai to sabse pahle To Yahi likh de the minus infinity se -2 Union Yahan per -10 ismein is wale Hamen kya Nikal Gaya yah Kah Raha Hai Ki X Mera Jayega 0 7 ko Mein Likh sakta hun -121
Union 22 infinite Hamara final to mean any agar aap X in in values mein se loge to is function ka yah function real-valued Rahega yah function real-valued kab Rahega Agar Ham yaar theek Hai Is Tarah Samne do mein nikaali keep condition Le Li sabse pahle to ki x positive Hai Uske corresponding X negative Uske corresponding theek hai ab Unka Union le liya


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