Find the domain of the range of each of the following real functions:

Updated on:21/07/2023
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The correct Answer is:dom (f)=(3,5], range (f)=[0,)

f(x)=x53x is defined only when x53x0.
Now, x53x=0x5=0x=5.
And, x53x0(x5<0and3x<0)or(x5>0and3x>0)
3<x<5[x>5andx<3 connot hold]
Thus, f(x) is defined when 3<x5.
dom (f)=(3,5].
Clearly, f(x)=x53x0.
Let y=f(x). Then,
x+xy2=3y2+5x(1+y2)=(3y2+5)x=3y2+51+y2. ....(i)
It followes from (i) that x is defined for each real value of y.
range (f)=[0,) [f(x)0].

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