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Class 12






Relation, Function & Itf


Find the domain of the followi...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Answer : `(n/7,nepsilonI,-1lenle6)`
Solution : NA

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students question is find the domain of following function of a given function is this one that describe a continuous get its interior please solve this problem was first part of this should not beacause 202 1st condition is greatest integer of 1 minus 1 upon 2 is not b = 20 taken part exercise to lies between -1 to 1 where where this x square is positive so I can say that x square should be less than equal to 1 y = Sin inverse X X value between -1 and 1 respectively the factorial of only get a then

zero is possible 7 x + 1 this should be greater than zero ok no problem and also and also this 7 x + 1 should belongs to integer integer integer positive integer then it should be equals to end up on 7:00 form a n belongs to last last contact for this question is X + 1 greater

than to solve every in equation get a feature of this is not the greatest integer of any number zero number 28 - 1.2 should not lie between 120 ok I am going to find when it will lie between 120 and will remove from Everyday into cos x minus 1 into better than = 20 and going to put -1 both sides will get placed and 3 and get a n = 21 ok so here I will get -123 ok so this is and support this part is less than equal to I am going to take it is

not a x is equals to 1 I am going to you can see these towards Mod to be opened this flight equals to 1 and greater than equal to minus 1 minus cot second part 1 to be greater than -1.7 no problem and uses it to be greater than -1 to take intersection of all ok I am going to draw line between minus infinity to infinity display not it's not like between 123 1.1 another point 3

I will take one more right to this one and it is free so this should not lie between 123 we can take before one ok and we can take after we know this is from -1 to 1 to 10000 -1 -1 to 1 is this ok no problem student get a than -1.7 or 1.7 greater than -1 and -2 what is greater than my name

is a in which area all the put in equation saline this minus one upon 721 we can get text belongs to -172 ok this was something which we call but here we know that takes 7 accident form of in AP EAMCET counselling what is an app on 7:00 you can see in this between -1 2721 how many are like in a pond 7 ok excess like in upon 7 ok and answer will be -17 ok ok

like a week and I feel like I like this I am going to write in X belongs to in upon 7 ok n belongs to -1 -1 ok student let me take one more time greater than equal to Y greater than equal to because of zero is also we can calculate greater than equal to better than equal to 17 and healthy minus 1 upon 3 minus one will have close bracket ok I am going to tell you Kuchh To - 17 is

equal to -1 and put in place of x minus 2 upon 777 cancel out and get - 2 - 2 + 1 from negative -2 -3 -4 -5 it is not possible -1 is possible and get a then - 1 week end of the day ok belongs not only -1 we can take one ok but we can take is N = 21 also we can take when to take n = 210 1.7 and 1.7 lies between different this is true and also that we can take n equal to 22 upon 7 and lies between this you can also take

3456 will not take 777 come one and one is not improve this answer is still attention should be in form of in upon 750 - 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 and this is our thank you a student

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