Updated on:26/04/2023

Find the domain and range of the function f(x) given by f(x)=x23x.



hello everyone let's start the question the questions that find the domain and range of a function effect given by f x is equal to x minus 2 and divided by 3 minus so now we have given that effect is equal to x minus 2 divided by 3 minus sunao domain is all the valid input that can be put in this function is define so now we can clearly see that we can put our in the numerator part but in the denominator party cannot put equal to zero so that cannot be equal to zero so it will be equal to 3 so are -3 we can put all the input so therefore domain of this function will be are -3 because if we will put 38
becomes zero and that is infinity show function is not define to that's why our domain will be our -32 now we need to find range so range of function will be x minus 2 divided by 3 minus 1 is equal to Y so x minus 2 is equal to 3 Y - x y so X - 2 + x square minus 3 Y equal to zero so therefore it will be X this is one + Y is equal to 3 Y + 2 x is equal to 3 Y + 2 divided by 1 + Y sunao range will be because this cannot be zero so it cannot be zero that means oneplus why can not equal to zero why cannot equal to -1 to now there is
all value possible except -12 range will be range is equal to Y belongs to our minus minus 12 that is our final answer we have found the domain and range I hope you understood it thank you


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