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Class 12






Relation, Function & Itf


Find the domain and range of t...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : `D:[3,pi)uu bigsub_(n=1)^(oo)(2npi,2npi+pi);R:(-oo,0]}`
Solution : NA

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find domain and range of the following function and function given is log and if of x minus 1 find X then given function is is equal to log x minus sin x ok this value is always greater than one ok then -1 is always greater than one that from right is better than that is greater than X

belongs to in this question also given sign and ok and this value is greater than zero then we can say the time at NX belongs 2025 Union five Union 45255 45 to 55 and one OK then combined to equation that x is equal to 3 x is equal to x is equal to 3 message 555 3.14 this

is to 53545 and infinity infinity and second one is Ben 10 2 and 535 54555 common common in this equation when we can write then X belongs to carry to pipe open internet Union 2535 Union 45255 and one this is the domain of the function

graph of log x ok 10 of this function of the function like light below the x-axis then Light Between Light Between minus infinity minus infinity range and Roman Reigns and answer of question thank you

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