Find the domain and range of each of the following real valued function: f(x)=x22x .


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domain and range of each of the following real valued function given the function as if it is equal to x minus 2 upon 2 minus the function f x is equals to x minus 2 upon 2 minus x this is a required function in the question now we need to find its domain for the domain that is the value of the condition on next we have for this function will clearly see that at X = 22 the denominator will become zero and his the function will become and CEO at X = 22 effect is an define effect is an define define what can we say except for the equals to to every value of x is eligible for this function for the domain for this function is all real number
element to that is all real number itself the element to talking about the range of the function so that function which we are given s x minus 2 upon 2 minus 6 x minus one common denominator for targeted x minus 2 upon - of x minus 2 and if I would put back in the numerator as well so what we say is the numerator and denominator are seen but then denominator has a negative sign x minus 2 minus x minus 2 can arrange comes out to be -1 so what we say is that assets is a constant function what is the conclusion that if it is a constant function because every at the value will be -1 so the range of a function the range of a function has only one element that is -
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