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Find the domain and range of e...

Find the domain and range of each of the following real valued function: `f(x)=(a x-b)/(c x-d)` .


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hello everyone in this question we need to find the domain and range of the function and the function is equals to x minus b is divided by x minus 3 this is my function function is not a function is x minus b / now denoted by domain values of activity noted by me and the value of why did not finding the domain of any function we already know that if there is a function is equal to show that cannot be equal to zero function for rational function zero because if PF will be zero my function will be an define I can still hear that x minus 3 is not equal to zero x

not equal to device that accept and except except you can not equal to finding the range part you need to calculate the value of x in terms of equal to Y and x minus b / if you cross multiply it you will have x y = 2 x minus b if I take a component on one side I have c x minus 3 x square minus A X equals to minus b know if I take I have equal to

the value of this is the value of x now finding the range of the value of access to me because here in this case if this is equals to why so here in this case you have found the domain of why you need to find the right for finding its range you need to find the domain of excrete this function as a so the range will be again this is a rational functions so I can say c y - cannot be equal to zero and the value of Y cannot be equal to cannot be equal to it means we have every values of acceptable range will be a range of function will be I can get any value except

this is my thank you