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Class 12






Direction Cosines And Direction Ratios


Find the direction cosines of ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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where we have to find the direction cosines of the line which is perpendicular to the lines with direction cosines proportional to this ok so basically as you know that if if two lines are perpendicular then the direction cosines of two lines can be written as even A2 + B1 B2 plus C1 C2 is equals to zero there even be one C1 and A2 B2 C2 are the directions cosine of two different lines ok so late a comma B commerce with the direction

cosines of the line that is perpendicular to the lines having direction cosine 1 -2 -2 and 0 to 1 ok now according to this statement we can write this is so even into one ok so this will be a ok Plus minus 2 into x minus 2 into see this will be -2 see this is equals to zero basically this implies that I can write this is a - 2 b

minus C is equals to zero now this these are the direction cosines of a line that is also a perpendicular to this ok so that we can write a in 2020 ok + 2 into B + 1 into see this is equals to zero or this implies I can write this as zero into a ok + 2 b + C is equal 20 now I can write this equation has selected determine the direction cosine of this this will be so is equals to B is equals to is equals to so these are divided and direction ratios is given by

2 into 1 minus 2 into 2 so this will sorry minus 2 into one that is minus 2 into into force on this will be let me right minus 2 into 1 + 2 into 2 second direction ratios given by zero into minus 20 ok -1 ok has won into one is when third direction ratios given by this will be zero into sorry this will be one into two letters to minus minus 2 into that is zero ok so that means we can write this as a upon

to ok is equals to be upon -1 this is equals to see a point to ok so that means direction ratios of the line is to comma -1 comma to ok let select the fine that we find the value for is ok as in that direction cosine of of the line having direction ratios is given by this will Bittu Upon A let let me write a as 2 upon X

ok comma minus one upon x 2 upon X where where access where X is equals to under root of 2 square + - 1 square + 2 square ok so X will be equal to basically I have taken the sum of squares of these direction ratio that are under square root this will be under root of two squares 4 - 1 square is 1 and 2 square is 4 so we are getting this as X is equals to 3 ok so direction cosines will be equal to 2 upon 3 minus 1 upon 3 2 upon 3 this complete



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