Find the derivative of the following function with respect to 'x' : (1-tanx)/(sec x)



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Updated On: 2-6-2021

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00:00 - 00:59so hello where was welcome to doubt the given question is find the derivative of the following function with respect to X and the given function is 1 minus 10 X upon sec 100 students to hear our function is 1 minus 10 X upon X ok so you can see clearly student it is in the form of U by v i can write u by v which is also dividend rule to what is dividend rule dividend rule is second formation differentiation of first 1 - 1st function differentiation of second one upon S whole square which is b whole square ok swifty for that's all this I can write here differentiation of the given function is 1 minus 10 X upon X which is equal to S formation differentiation of first
01:00 - 01:59differentiation of 1 minus 10 x minus first function which is 1 minus 10 x into differentiation of second one which is s s ok upon upon S soul square ok so if you find that all these see this one is sec X and what is the differentiation of tan x which is SEC Square x minus sec Square X because constant is zero OK - of this function is as it is which is 1 minus 10 x and this function is 6 into 10 x x into x x because it is differentiation of sec X upon x square x whole square ok students Swift for the Soul this what will get see hear this one
02:00 - 02:59- of a cube x sec tube X and this one is a p x is one will got this one is sec X into x minus of sec X into x square X upon X whole square student safety for others all this will got see if we solve partially then it is minus sec cube x upon x square similarly this one is minus of sec X tan x upon x square x square and the last one is sec X into x square upon sec square students sunao what can
03:00 - 03:59see if have to solve this further I can write it is as - 100 square and it is back to back to this one is I can write - 1 - of this function would be Dainik sec X tan x upon X and the last one would be ok cancel this Manish tan Square X upon X ok sec X write students if we take - common prophetic - common this function would be sekex + tan x by sec X + of tan Square X upon sec 120 students this is a very thank you so much

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