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Find the degree of the polynomial 1/(sqrt(4x+1)){((1+sqrt(4x+1))/2)^7-((1+sqrt(4x+1))/2)^7}



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Updated On: 25-4-2021

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Solution :
`(1)/(sqrt(4x+1)){((1+sqrt(4x+1))/(2))^(7) - ((1-sqrt(4x+1))/(2))^(7)}`<br> ` = (2)/(2^(7)sqrt(4x+1)) [.^(7)C_(1)sqrt(4x+1) + .^(7)C_(3)(sqrt(4x+1))^(3) + .^(7)C_(5)(sqrt(4x+1))^(5) + .^(7)C_(7)(sqrt(4x+1))^(7)]` <br> ` = (1)/(2^(6))[.^(7)C_(1)+.^(7)C_(3)(4x+1)+.^(7)C_(5)(4x+1)^(2)+.^(7)C_(7)(4x+1)^(3)]` <br> Clearly the degree of the polynomial is 3.



00:00 - 00:59given question is find the degree of the polynomial 1 by square root of 4 x + 1 into 1 + square root of 4 x + 1 divided by 24 7 - 1 - square root of 4 x + 1 by 2 whole power 7 for this I'm using the standard result oneplus a whole power n minus 1 minus a whole power in which is equal to nc0 a power n + nc1 a power n minus 1 + sin C to a power n minus to excel expansion of the first term in the expansion of the second term is nc0 a power n minus nc1 a power n -1 X 17 Bill Gate
01:00 - 01:59only autumn autumn ladies 13 like that only we get 2 x of N C1 a power n -1 plus n C3 a power n minus 3 plus extra from These areas of strength where substituting from the equation given equation that is given a let us consider a given equation some l is equal to 1 by square root of 4 x + 1 by taking away from the to get to power 7 as a common term after that replacing X Pi 4 x + 1 will get 71 the square root of 4 x +
02:00 - 02:591 + 7 C 3 into square root of 4 x + 1 Q extra 77 square root of 4 x + 1 whole power 7 this is the two times because here is the to turn cancelling this to get one by two power 6 by multiplying disturb inside the equation to get 7 C1 disturb disturb will get cancer will get only the 71 and 73 to get square at a square and root get cancelled and then you will get Forex plus one like that only will get and the last term is 7 c77 becomes 6 and square and square root will get
03:00 - 03:59cancelled will get Forex plus whole power 3 clearly shows that the degree of the polynomial is 3

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