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Measurement Of Angles


Find the degree measure corres...

Find the degree measure corresponding to following radian measures : `(i) (2pi/15)^c (ii) (pi/8)^c (iii) -2^c`

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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gilas videos Mein Dekha Tha ki tikri Radiant AC rate ine teenon mein kya relation hota hai ab Hamen relation ka use Karke is question se problem Dekhi problem solution nikalenge to first question aane ke Bane Hue Mein degree find karna Radiance ke teenon mein Vahi karna uska relation hota hai ki 1 Radian is equal to 180 degree bi Pi degrees at 1 a.m. Mein bataya that means in short pi radians is equal to 180 degrees Hamen use karna ab first part Mein Hamen given a key to pi by 15 yah Hamare radians to degrees Mein convert karne ke liye kya karna hoga to pi by 15 and 18 degrees are Jaenge the cancel out ho jaega aur Hamen Milega To into 185 15° 883 se divide

15 x 60 x Skoda white Karenge 28 veltins aayega so it is equal to 2 into 12 degrees that is equal to 24 degrees Tumhare first part Kansara ke 24 degrees a second Ham Dekhte Hamen ke Bane bye-bye Ek Radiance compact Hai pi by 8 180 degrees to cancel auto chalega is program for se divide cut the 45 X Oriya to 10th Re hamare pass hoga 45523 that is 22 One by Two degrees To Hamen pata ki 1 degree is equal to 60 minute Utha the FM Kaise likh sakte 22 One by Two degrees 1 by 2 into 60 minutes to keep one by two half degree ki jagah Mujhko minut Mein convert kar sakte ho jaega 22 degree 30 minutes to you

Hamari pi by 8 gradients car conversion theek hai ab Ham third party dress may find karna third party mein main point karna -2 Radiance kua Mein convert karna hai dikh rahi ho jaega minus 2 into 1 85° ab Hamen Pata Pi hota hai usko Ham 22 by 7 likh sakte ho jayega minus 2 into 180 upon 22 in 27 degrees the 11 x aaega Oriya Mein Milega - of 180 in 27 by 11 degrees that is Agaram Dekhe 118 273212 602 - 1260 11 degrees is ko gram 11 se divide Karenge ho jaega -116 by 11° a 1 degree is equal Hota ho jaega -114 degree

6511 into 60 minutes to Agar Ham Dekhen Ham school is tarike se bhi likh sakte hain ki Hamare aur easy ho jaaye that is -114 Tekari into 30228 by 11 minutes of 1 minute is equal to 60 seconds Re hamare pass -114 degree 32 minutes 8 by 11 into 60 seconds that is -114 degree 32 minutes 48 seconds Yagya hamare pass so this is a required conversion for the given Radian 300 questions ke conversion Karli next video maker app location


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