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Cubes And Cube Roots


Find the cube root of 17576 th...

Find the cube root of 17576 through estimation.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : `17576`<br> `20^3<17576<30^3`<br> Unit digit of `17576` is `6`<br> `:.`Unit digit of `root3(17576)` will be `6`<br> `implies root3(17576)=26`


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the given question says that find the cube root of 17576 and the method which we are going to uses estimation suspended through estimation type of question what we are going to do it was a fall will write on what is given in the question we are given this number 17576 aur dear going to its first of all from starting from backwards we are going to divide it into two groups of three three digits so here it is a 576 here it will be 2017 now in next year but we are going to do if we are going to take the group 576 and as we can observe the unit digit of this is number is 6 and we know that

cube root of 6 sorry cube of sex is 216 so we can compare the unit digit share price 76 and 216 have seen it is it that means the unit digit of the cube root unit digit of the cube root of 17576 is the unit 6 because this to 16 is a cube of six therefore we have taken the unit digit to B6 never take the second law and the second rupees 2017 2nd rupees 00179 what we are going to do it we are going to

where 1717 lies taking 22 cube roots two cubes we can be observed that it lies between cubes of to which is 8 and a cube of 3 which is 27 between 8 and 27 lies 17 therefore we can say that 17 lies between cube root cube of 2 and cube of 3 now what you are going to do if we are going to take the minimum value the the meaning of the two other list of the to Hetu is the two is minimum than O2 is less than three therefore we will take to so this too is what this too is unit digit Sahi not unit digit at tens digit at tens digit of 10 digit

O cube root of 17576 576 is to so now we have got the tens digit is 2 and the ones digit we have already we have already estimated as 6 now we can write down the cube root so the cube root of cube root of 17576 will be tens digit is 2 and units digit is sex will be answer answer thank you