Find the coordinates of the foci, the vertices, the lengths of major and minor axes and the eccentricity of the ellipse 9x2+4y2=36.


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find the coordinates of the four vertices the length of major and minor axis and the East is centricity of the ellipse 9 X square + 4 Y is equal to 36 so given equation of ellipse is 9 X square + 4 y square equals to 36 first we will convert it into standard form so we will divide this equation by 36 12 36 X square + 1 / 36 square equals to 36 36 week 8 x square + Y square divided by 9 = 21 na for is greater than 9 so major axis is along why is major axis is yellow why is this now
if matrix is along y axis then equation of ellipse is it a square B square + Y square by a square equals to 1 ok so when we compare this week 8 is equal to 9 square equals to 4 from where we get a = 23 and from where we get equals to 2 ok now we have to write the coordinates of so if matrix is along y axis then foci are given as 0 + - c k Vineeth now Vinod AC square equals to a square minus b square from where we get a square equals to a square is 9 - 46 - 4 is equal to 5 value of C will be root 5 ok so
40 plus minus is equal to 0 Kumar plus minus root 5 ok now what is given as 0 + - this will be equal to zero Kumar + - 300 plus minus 3 now to write length of major Axis normal length of Lost access the length of matrix is equal to two way switch will be equal to 2 into 3 which is equal to 6 CM the length of major Axis 6 units we have to write length of minor axis is equal to to be equal to 2 into value of a to z will 2 into 2 which is equal to 4 unit exercise for unit
now we have to write is in which city is Centre City noted by is given as seen by the value of root 5 and value of a selfie by a so it will be root 5 / 3 which is the value of thank you

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