Find the coordinates of the foci, the vertices, the length of major axis, the minor axis, the eccentricity and the latus rectum of the ellipse x225+y29=1


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hello student today's find the coordinates of the world is the length of the major Axis minor axis and the City and the latus rectum of ellipse X square + Y square by 9 = 1 is greater than that of a square y square b square is equal to 1 OK what we will do it possibly will compare both this term is the value of a square B 25 therefore the value of a is equals to 5 similarly the value of b square by comparing bottoms 299 so therefore the three ok relation between a and b is equal to a square is 25 - 20 29
root of 16 therefore the value of P is equal to four of the foci are given as - 108 lies on the x axis as the major Axis 25 is greater than 9 so it lies on the x-axis it would be plus minus 40 coordinates of vertices year is + 90 is equal to zero is equal to the value of a is 5G + - 500 Plus price
major axis of major at this year India won is equal to two way to win 25 which is equal to 10 the value of male reproductive system similarly of minor axis indicates 22 B equals to 2 into 3 the value of these 3 is equal to 6 find so basically we have to find a centricity also which is given in the question so now the value of P centricity would be equal to the value is equal to b 183 it is equal to b a the value of c
we got S4 and the value of a b and last but not the least it also find the latter rectum len latest rectum is equal to 2 b square by a value of B Square from above is 92129 upon the value of Y ok it would be 18 by the latest rectum this is the centricity which is formed by the length of the minor act is take the length of the major axis is 10 the coordinates of the foci are plus minus 40 and 50 plus minus 10 questions

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