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Find the coordinates of the foci, the vertices, the length of major axis, the minor axis, the eccentricity and the length of the latus rectum of the ellipse.36x2+4y2=144



hello students today is the coordinates of the poker the what is the length of the major and minor axis of the city and the length of the latus rectum of the 1133 square + 4 y square is equal to 144 so to make it off the form / 144 on the outside to make it the form of general equation for Evil 2 36 square by 144 + 4 x square by 144 equal to 144 by 140 ok so now what we got it is x square by port + Y square by 36 = 1 then 36 greater than four of the comic square B square + Y square by a square = 1/2 comparing both the terms we get the value of b square equal to 4 therefore be equal to 2
the result that we got some similarly a square equal to 36 comparing the terms and Deadpool equal to 6 we got the value of Ab so now I will find c square toe we know that the formula for it is basically Steel square root of a square minus b square so it is equals to 2 is equals to root of a square is 36 - 4 = 2 root of 32 ok so it is equal to four now we have to find we have to find the coordinates of the focus will find that ok so co-ordinate of is given as 0 + -
why 20 plus minus because the other major axis is here is why because that is greater than B then what is the value of this 40 plus minus 4 ok now the age of vertices are given by zero is the value of now me directed the length of the major at this is given by to a which is equal to 2 into 2 equal to minor axis the length of the minor axis is equal to do it to be equal to 2 into the value of B
is 2 it will be equal to ok now central city is entry city is it is given by bike value of c is for root 2 Upon A W EP 864 root 2 upon 6 which is equal to 2 root 2 by ok now the length of the letters rectum of letter rectum is equal to given by to be square by a value of b square is 42 into 4 by 6 bed will be it will be 4 by 3 these are the final answer for the latest rectum the value of dysentery cities to root by three major axis and minor Axes are
12 14 and the coordinates of the vertices is 0 + - 6 and the body are given 10 plus minus ko thank you so much


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