Find the coordinates of the foci, the vertices, the length of major axis, the minor axis, the eccentricity and the length of the latus rectum of the ellipse.x225+y2100=1

Updated on:21/07/2023
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The given equation is x225+y2100=1 or x252+y2102=1
Here, the denominator of y2100 is greater than the denominator of x225
the major axis is along the y axis, while the minor axis is along the x-axis
on comparing the given equation with x2b2+y2a2=1
we obtain b=5 and a=10
The coordinates of the foci are (0,±53)
The coordinates of the vertices are (0±10)
Length of major axis=2a=20
Length of minor axis =2b=10
Eccentricity e=ca
Length of latus rectum =2b2a=22510

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