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Find the coordinates of the foci, the vertices, the length of major axis, the minor axis, the eccentricity and the length of the latus rectum of the ellipse.x236+y216=1



Hello Das even as we have to find the coordinates to find the coordinates of the foci the body says the length of major axis and the magnetic field intensity and in the last the length of the letter that I'm ok and the equation of ellipse is given as x square upon 36 + Y square upon 15 equal to 12 winner to find this thing to find that thing we have to write first of all the general equation of ellipse is given as Access for a fun square + Y square b square equal to 1 now will compare these two equations because they are same then compare and will find it here is a Ka Rishta 36 and a square b square is 16 so this thing we are going to get now father solving we are going to get it is
and be42 we we observed that he is greater than we know our election will be like this I am doing ok so I can say it will be along the affected ok no we can write the coordinates of what is in which is the first thing they have asked what is what is co-ordinate is given as plus minus A time because it is what is this is going to be lies on only y-coordinate will be it is given us so we can write it just -80 so but it says coordinator we have find now let's try to find a is intensity
value tuition Tricity value is given as root 1 minus b square upon his square so let's put the value of M squared minus is going to be a square is equal to 16 in English ka is 36 so what we are going to get here we are going to root certificate in the denominator return 36 - 16 is going to be 20 ok and 20 can be written as to Tum root file for will come real friend right to root 4 = 22 so this is intensity value we are going to get the third third day let's try to find the coordinator for kind and the coordinator of ok can we give energy plus minus 30 ok so here
co-ordinate of will be equal to plus minus here he is given as a gift and he is to root 5.6 so this will be cut to the left with 2 root 5 is it ok to length so co-ordinate of a is this the four think there was the length of major Axis capital for measuring length of major axis is given as two times a so value of a 6 it is a to z well it is going to be too well ok now the next thing length of minor axis with small team of my name is given and two-time b&b is given as four so it is going
to photo Ja it ok and finding the last time they have a length of letter after writing letter factor in R nait of letter s can be given to x square Upon A ok and here is to observe that the value of 2016 CO2 into 16 upon 6 ok so here if we defined here it is 2016 upon 3 ok so finally the all the fifth thing they have are we have get so this is the solution of the question thank you


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