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Find the coordinates of the foci, the vertices, the length of major axis, the minor axis, the eccentricity and the length of the latus rectum of the ellipse.4x2+9y2=36



hello the question is to find the coordinates of the foci the vertices coronavirus and the length of the major axis and the minor LC the centre city and in the last two latest rectum ok so I think we have to end if the ellipse equation is given his 4 x square + 9 y square equals to 36 ok let's first of all I write this in any situation in the standard form so by dividing 36 in the whole equation what we are going to get age X square + Y square upon 4 = 21 now let's compare this with the standard equation X square upon the general Chennai which is given as a square of a square + Y square upon B square equal to 1 now comparing these two equation what we are going to get
was 24 ok so this is given as 3D is given as to be considered here is greater than be ok so our life will be something look like as this our major along x-axis ok bye this we can write the coordinates of the vertices edges which can be given as at -20 now A30 I can write here plus minus 30 so first what is the coordinates of what is we have been trying to find the sensitive is easy when is equal to root 1 minus b square upon a square
one minus b square is given as a whole and a square are given as now by forming a going to get is in the denominator if you are going to get 3 and 9 - 4 2005 ok finally we are getting goodbye for free as a central city well thought they have asked to find the coordinates of hook coordinator for car is can be given plus minus 3 X = 0 is even as a root 5 upon 3 and he is 3 so this to think will multiplies The Terminator 3 will cut down with this and we will left route 522 the coordinator of can be given as plus minus root by comma ok now what the next
thing left edge length of major Axis complaint of major exam can be given to a blend of major Axis to 10:00 a.m. se so here it is 386 and length of minor writing minority with smallest and I'm so length of minor Axes is two times b&b is to show it is 4 now the last last thing that we have to find gift which is the length of letter sector length of letter system id I am writing here in her and this can be given as 2 x square upon ok so now it is equals to 2 into a square 84 and a83
is going to be hit by three OK so the all the terms they have asked we have find it and they are so listen the solution of the question thank you


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