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Class 11






Index Numbers


Find the consumer price index ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : `137.37`

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hello students today were question is find the consumer price index number from 1991 on the 1991 on basis of 1990 from the following data using method of weighted relative relative so we have item ABCDE given quantity is given price in 1990 and price in 1991 so the solution of this version is firstly we can write here item so here is our item here is quantity bloody note this wi-w and we have price 0 in 1990 and price 1 in 1991 and here we have to calculate I and here I into w item ABCD we can write a item a b c d and E

and the quantities here is 2014 15 18 and 1000 200 error 400 here is hundred 4203 2420 here is 12060 and 280 now we have to calculate I so we know the formula for calculating I ise equal to 1 / p0rn 200 so from here we can calculate for a show for it is equals to 320 divided by 200 and 250 get here 164 a

similarly for B we get a 420 / 400 in 200 this is equals to 105 similarly for see we can calculate for c4c we have one 2100 120 110 200 from here we get 120 similarly for D we can find here 60/40 in 202 from here we get 150 body this is the value of I for ABCD and now for me we can buy this search 28 28 28 28 in

200 so this is equals to 140 so we can write this value here so what this we get 160 for this 105 and for this 120 and for this 150 and for this 140 now we have to calculate I into w so this is in2 w so for a we get 162 so we get 200 hair 14701 hundred 1800 hair is 2701 400 1400 so for the relative method we have to we have the formula here Gopi 0 1 is equals to Commission into w

divided into submission w so hair Commission WB how to calculate how to add this so here is some mission w is equals to 77 and submission w into a is equals to 10570 putting this value in our in our formula we get 107 105 7077 reegate year 130 7.27 as our answer thank you

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