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Class 8






Area Of A Trapezium And A Polygon


Find the area of triangle who...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Answer : `54cm^(2)` ;7.2 cm

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hi welcome this video and the question is find the area of triangle whose sides are 9 CM 12 cm and 15 CM also find the altitude corresponding to the largest side of the triangle so first of all we will make a rough diagram for the triangle here so we can make a diagram like this latest 6 triangle ABC where this ab is 9 cm and BC is 15 cm and ac is 12 cm find the area of the triangle ABC and for that will use the heroes form show

by using the heroes formula we can find area of triangle which is given by under root bracket x minus A again bracket x minus b again bracket as - where this as is nothing but the semi perimeter semiperimeter me perimeter divided by 2 or half of perimeter and this A B and C are the length of the sides of the triangle so no first of all it is find the semiperimeter here equal to 9 + 12 + 15 / 2 it was 12 + 92121 + 15 will be 36 24 36 by to this will be a 310 perimeter 18 cm and also

the you can take the value of small = True Value equals to 12 and the value of small sequels 250 CM now using these values we can just put the formula of area so area will be equal to under root s s minus a minus b minus C now just put the values of S and ABC is equal to 18 in bracket 18 -9 again in bracket 18 - 12 again in bracket 18 - 15 now simplifying this expression we will get under root 18 into 18 minutes 9 is 9 into 80 -

12 is equal to 6 into 18 - 4 = 23 so we are getting here now write this 18 like to into 9 and then we have this 9 again write the sex like to into three and then we have at the now just pair the numbers and take them out Outta this under root so we will get you can see the pairing of two we have to to insert square root so to will be outside this under root then we have 9 pairing pairing of you can just right 9 then we have hearing 3 so we can write three here so this week we'll 22129 is 18182 354 so this is the area 54 CM square this is the area of the given triangle and also we need to find

the length of the altitude corresponding to the largest side of the triangle so for that letter draw this BC is the largest side which is 15 CM so we can make an altitude like this so we just to find the length of altitude so you can just take the length of the Solitude to be x now area of triangle by using the formula half into base into height we can find the length of the altitude store a request to happen to be a sin to hide so here we will take base equal to 15 cm and height is the corresponding altitude so area we have already got here which is equal to 54 CM square so 54 equals to half into a sequel to 15 into height that is text now solve this equation so we will get

108 equal to 15 into X and from this we will get the value of x = 2 108 over 15 and finally we will get the value of x is equals to 7.2 so this is the length of the altitude corresponding to the largest site I hope you have understood this thank you

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