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Areas Related To Circles


Find the area of the sector of...

Find the area of the sector of a circle with radius 4 cm and of angle `30o`. Also, find the area of the corresponding major sector

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : area of sector `= theta/360 * pi r^2` <br> `=30/360*3.14*4^2` <br> `=1/sqrt2 *3.14*16 = 12.56/3 = 4.186cm^2` <br> now, area of major sector `= pi* r^2 - 4.186 cm^2` <br> `= 3.14*16 - 4.186` <br> `= 50.24- 4.186` <br> `= 46.054cm^2` <br> answer


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questions to find the area of the sector of a circle with radius 4 cm and the angle 30 degree and we have to also find the area of the corresponding major sector theek hai To Ham acceptor given 30° isliye radius 4 cm Likhenge area of sector and minor Sector - sector this is equal to 3.36 into Pioneer square formula hai theek theek hai main given at 30 degree to this is 30 EP 1360 into five equal to Ham use Karenge 3.14 into radius for this simplified Kijiye 2020 Kaise 33612 times so this 1412 cancel 3 X 3 Jagat 3.1 4 x 4 oldbury 3 ticket to simplify Karenge Julie ki aaega 4.19 and the unit is

square area of Hamara man sakta new Sadri reason is carier Hamen fine karna images actress Kaveri find can I find my first 2 tarikh ya To Hamen English Karen ya angle that is 360 - 30 that is 332 Agar ismein bhi option for Mein lagaenge To Jaega dusra hai ki agar Ham area of circle complete circle Mein Sagar yah computer jo maine sector SK recent kar denge Tu Abhi Hamare Jo images sakta hai vah aaega tab usko kaise kar sakte hain to dekhiae Tere for area of major sector this is equal to a square minus area of minor sector theek hai to this is 3.14 and the radius 4 cm Sudheesh 16 16 - 4.19 to 3.14 into 16 results 50.24 -4.19

this is 40 6.05 CM square to use area manager sector ka


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