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Application Of Integrals


Find the area of the region {(...

Find the area of the region `{(x , y): y^2lt=4x ,4x^2+4y^2lt=9}`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Given curves are` y^2=4x ` ....(1)<br> `4x^2+4y^2=9`<br> ...(2) ⇒`x^2+y^2=9/4`<br>​ Center of circle is (0,0) and radius of circle is 3/2<br> Putting the value from equation (1) in equation (2),<br> `4x^2+16x−9=0`<br> ⇒`x=1/2​,−9/2​`<br> So, `x=1/2` ⇒`y=±√2`<br> ​ So, the points of intersection of both the curves are `(1/2​,√2 ​) and (1/2​,−√2 ​).`<br> Since, the area OABCO is symmetrical about x-axis. ∴Area OABCO=2×Area OBC<br> Area OBCO=Area OMC+Area MBC<br> =`∫_0^(1/2)2√x dx+∫_(1/2)^(3/2)1/2√9-4x^2 dx`<br> ​ =`2∫_0^(1/2)(x^(3/2))/(3/2​)+∫_(1/2)^(3/2)√(3/2)^2-x^2 ​dx`<br> Required Area =√`2/3+9π/16-√2/4-9/8sin^(-1)⁡1/3`<br>


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