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Application Of Integrals


Find the area of the region bo...

Find the area of the region bounded by the parabola `y^2=2x` and straight line `x-y=4.`


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hello friendship question is find the area of the region bounded by the parabola y square is equal to 2 and straight line x minus Y is equal to aur so first metro the graph of x square equal to 2 x and x minus 5 is equal to 4 yaar h y axis in this is our success now with the parabola y square is equal to 2 X and Y is equal to 2 X is this the parable of equal to 2 x now s

Redline x minus Y is equal to minus 3 Y is equal to four is something like that strong hair minus b is equal to for this is our clients and hear it cuts xxz chalo and why is called for this is the point for now and shirokuma - now equation is the equation x minus Y is equal to 4 and x minus 4 is equal to y

support bhai is equal to x minus 4 in this equation then we get x minus 4 that is equal to 12 which is equal to X square + 16 - 8 X equal to 12 and from here we get at square + 10 x minus 12 is equal to zero and here we get x square - 10 X + 16 is equal to zero now its factors are - 2 x minus 8 is equal to zero then value of access to and it is X is equal to 2 means in the point x is equal to 2 and here is a

x is equal to 8 now and value of x in this we have a new Y is equal to minus 2 then here it is minus y is -2 and now and that x is equal to get then value of Y is equal to advance that is the coordinates of now we have to find the area of this reason then first we calculate the area of the line in the area of this

area area from here area is equal to x square - 22 for this is the area of this line - for parabola thanks device that is equal to minus 2 to 4 Y + 4 device -22 for equal to 22 divided by 2 is equal to minus y square divided by 2 and Y + 4 Y is bi plus 4 care divided by 2 and hearing

-22 or a remote minus 1 divided by 2 10 year get by cute / 3 - 22 aur now this is equal to apply upper and lower limit 1 get 1 divided by 24 - 4 - 1 / 6 64 - - 8 that is equal to 1 divided by 2 x minus 1 divided by 6 x 72 and from a week at 30 - 12 that is equal to 18 Care Unit

this is the area bounded thank you