Class 12






Application Of Integrals


Find the area of the region bo...

Find the area of the region bounded by the ellipse `x^2 / a^2 + y^2 / b^2 = 1`


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hello student letter start with the question so in this question we have to find the area of the region bounded by the illness which is equation that is acquired by square + Y square + b square is equal to 1 ok so according to this question will try to draw the diagram of this actress wife in between I have drawn with this equation X square + Y square + Y square is equal to what ok so here we have to find the area of the region bounded by the people look at this gotta have written this gotta have written this is nothing but the combination of this fourth part of these gotta have it means that if I will just find the area for this quarter of written and then

x 4 so that I can get area this complete a lips or area bounded by this ok so for that to find area of this quarter half region I will use the integration for that I required yourself because the year so limit for authentication will be nothing if this is the original that is zero and here it is a so I will take the limits as 0 to 100 for that letter start here with solution now here through to the integration I required value for that it will take to advise you that I will become white square 2 square will be equal to 1 minus of x square divided by 8 ok Nau I will take to do so it will be

equals to this will be ok bye square upon this here will be a square minus x square divided by root on so I will be come is equals to plus minus of P / will be a under root of a square minus of x square but as we know that in first quadrant why will be greater than 20 ok so according to that my will be come + B by a under root of a square minus of X equal to find the area for this item please play the area for the ill will be equals to Limit 0 to a

I take it as I want to complete area so I will multiply this term by ok I'll put here it will become 402 a why is a under root of a square minus of x square ok standard form of the integration that can be written as a means for this I will use the formula that is x divided by 2 under root of a square minus of x square + Y square equal to Sin inverse of X by a ok and you are the limit will be 02895 put the limit total become for beat virus by a in bracket I will put your the value of a but because of this

a square minus A square test will become zero ok so this item will be 0 + a square divided by 2 Sin inverse of a bi amines want to Sin inverse of Cos pi by 2 OK - 1 bracket that will put get zero to this whole time will become the hero ok plus if I'll put us zero then again if this item will become so what I will get here that is 4b divided by x square divided into two will be nothing but four of five from this this one a 18 cancel 4 will be question answer what I will get here to the required area will become a bi of 5 square unit ok square

Aditi required answer so solution I hope you like this solution thank you