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Surface Areas And Volumes


Find the area of the quadrilat...

Find the area of the quadrilateral `A B C D` , in which `A B=7c m ,B C=6c m ,C D=12 c m ,D A=15 c ma n dA C=9c m`


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find the area of the quadrilateral ABCD in which ab is 786 CD 12th 15 and ac is 9 CM first week or so poetry ABCD is a FII and dii and this is 87/6 cg12th 1589 so now we have all the dimensions of will calculate one by one triangular area by using the heroes formula according which

at is equals to 7 + 6 + 9 / 2 ko triangle ABC so I will be 11 cm right and area of the triangle will be route of x minus of a x minus 3 x minus 15 right where access the right 211 into 11 - of seventh 11 - of 6 and 11 - of nice

to the area of triangle ABC will be route of 440 CM square next we will calculate the value of AC Om Triangle 15 + 12 + 9 / 2 which is 18 cm so area of triangle ABC that will be 18 into 18 - 15 18 - of 12 and 18 - 9 54 CM

square so area of quadrilateral ABCD will be root of 40 + 54 of square