Find the area of the quadrilateral ABCD, in which AB=7cm, BC=6cm, CD=12 cm, DA=15cm and AC=9 cm.


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hello guys are Kuchh Nahin find the area of the quadrilateral ABCD in which ab is equal to 7 cm BC equal to 6 CM CD is equal to 12 cm is equal to 15 cm and ac is equal to 9 CM so we all know that our heroine's formula in this there are two triangle one is ABC and another is ADC so be used separately and combined after getting the area of triangle of both of them now heroines formula is equal to square root of s s minus A minus n s - II near Aise semi-perimeter that is equal to a + b + c y to now a b c are the length of the triangle so we take Foster triangle we take first triangle A B and C so this is equal to 7 cm is equal to 6
M and C is equal to 9 CM so why using the formula we will get the area of triangle so as is equal to 7 + X + 92 that is equal to 7 + 6 is 13 13 + 9 is 22 / 11 so using the formula 11 in bracket 11 - 11 - 7 11 - 6 and last 11 - 9 that is equal to square root of 11 11 - 7 is 411 minus 6 is 5 11 - 9 is to show it is equal to 44 x 10 so area of triangle is equal to square root of 40 cm square
Saudi se Sabar area of first triangle now we take the second one so second one is add triangle A DCN the sides are ready is equal to 15 12 19 15 is equal to 15 b is equal to 12 so very very metre is equal to 15 + 12 + 9/2 that is equal to 15 + 12 27 + 36 / 218 CM now put the value in the heroine's formula you will get the answer as his 18 18 - 8 that is 15 and 18 - 12 and 18 - 9 so here you will get square root of 18 and x minus 15 is 3
- 12 se 18 - 9 is night so it is equal to now we can write 18 years to multiply and 3 X 3 and 6 has to Multiply 3 and x now you see that in square roots there is a square of 2 x square of 3 and X of night and by removing the square root you will get to multiply 3 multiply 9 that is equal to 54 54 54 CM square 54 CM square area of triangle S 54 CM Square show total area of quadrilateral is total total area of quadrilateral
l is equal to square root of 40 + 54 that is area of quadrilateral centimetre square so this is a thank you

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