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Class 8






Mensuration-i (Area Of A Trapezium And A Polygon


Find the area of the pentagon ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello friends with the question is we have to find the area of the Pentagon ABCDE are shown in the figure and they have given us some measurements what are the measurements is everyone is given from your till your area is given at its a given to a c h OK then given as a f and b a b a 1st to 7th Ch 3 cm then easy easy easy 2.5 given and noticed that there are total three Triangles and 12 12

3 and this is one of a Trapezium of area of the area of triangle ABC if area of triangle area will be what it will be half Pintu besan to height so this is what a and height is what BA supporting the values one-half BF 222 cancer so I get value 3 ok calculating the area of triangle which is c h i will be one half what is this is HD and what is height Ch so it will be one

HD HD given no HD not giving CHS are going to do it HD is despite being read and write a g - A solving Gate 1 into 3 into 88 what is it and write 8 - 21 into 3 into two so which is again when to get cancelled and then the area of s triangle is also three ok now moving down to the area of triangle

will be again one half into be so which is the best full area will be the page will be ji putting the values we know the value is a pH of 2.5 to 2.5 into 8 my teacher one half into a into 2.5 21244 into 2.5 nothing but can be calculated the area of all the three Triangles now we calculate the area for what is the trapezium BF XC it is GF of trapezium is 12 sum of

sides news BF and ch2 BF plus Ch 12 base so what is B1 some of the opposite side will be 2 and 3 X don't know the value of x in the given data is not given this is so I could do a h - because we have and we have a full so it will be a minus 1 into this will be 528 is a and a 6 - 33 so

we get one half into 5 into 3 into the final answer 7.5 total we have got three Triangle in 1 rupees so the triangle was 3310 and then the final area area of the 125 area of Pentagon a b c d e f sum of all of them to 3 + 3 + 10 + 7.5 + 7.5 this is the final answer key of the solution thank you so much


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