Find the area of a sector of a circle with radius 6 cm if angle of the sector is 60


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Indigo in question we have to find the area of a sector of a circle with radius 6 cm and the angle of sector is 60 degree so here as you can see in the given figure a radius is equal to 6 cm and the angle is 60 degree aap to find the area of this sector so here it is given that the radius is equals to 6 cm and angle is 60 degree so now we have to find the area so the area required area required for the area of the sector will be = 2 theta / 360 degree into Pi R square theta is the angle of this sector and the value of this one is 60 degree / 360 degree into the value of ice 22/7 into radius is 6 and 8 2 6 so here now is a simply solve it so here they
are 60 cancel this 360 degree and here we get 6 and this 61 again cancel 16 year so here ultimately we get 22 and 26 / 7 is equal to 1 3 2 divided by 7 and here when we multiply and divide it we get 18.8 5 and unit is CM year unit is so we get answer in centimetre square so here it is CM square and that's the answer

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