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Class 12






Three-dimensional Geometry


Find the angle between the lin...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

parallel perpendicularinclined at `cos(-1)((1)/(6))`none of these

Answer : c
Solution : `3l+m+5n =0 " "`(i) <br> `" "6mn-2nl+5ml=0" "`(ii) <br> Substituting the value of `n` from (i) in (ii), we get <br> `" "6l^(2)+ 9lm - 6m^(2)=0` <br> or `" "6((l)/(m))^(2)+ 9((l)/(m))-6=0` <br> `therefore" "(l_1)/(m_1)= (1)/(2) and (l_2)/(m_2)=-2` <br> From Eq. (i), we get <br> `" "(l_1)/(n_1)= -1 and (l_2)/(n_2)= -2` <br> `therefore" "(l_1)/(1)= (m_1)/(2)= (n_2)/(-1) = sqrt ((l_(1)^(2)+ m_(1)^(2)+ n_(1)^(2))/(1+4+1))= (1)/(sqrt6)` <br> and `" "(l_2)/(2)= (m_2)/(-1)= (n_2)/(-1) = (sqrt(l_(2)^(2)+ m_(2)^(2)+ n_(2)^(2)))/(sqrt(4+1+1)) = (1)/(sqrt6)` <br> If `theta` be the angle between the lines, then <br> `" "costheta= ((1)/(sqrt6))((2)/(sqrt6))+ ((2)/(sqrt6))(-(1)/(sqrt6)) + (-(1)/(sqrt6))(-(1)/(sqrt6))= (1)/(6)` <br> or `" "theta= cos^(-1)((1)/(6))`


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the question is find the angle between the lines whose direction cosines are given by the equation 3 X + A + 51 is equal to zero and 6M and -2 N L + 5 is equal to zero everyone that 3 + I am + 51 is equal to put this equation 1 second we have 6 - of two anal 5 + 5 l m is equal to zero number to now from the question number one from the equation by one we have a is equals to minus 3 X + 5 and and put this value put it in the equation number second Sohar after putting this value in our equation as heavy as 6 into three plus 5 and into

- 2 and I'll class 5 l into minus 3 minus of 5 is equal to zero in step hair it will be - 3 - 5 and because we have a is equal to minus 3 X + 5 and sunao next now after selling this for that here we have -18 LM -13 and square minus 2 and minus 15 square minus 25 million is equals to zero to now after solving this for that here we can write this as health square + 2 X square + 3 l n is equal to zero from here we have Al + 2 and into here and Plus

n is equal to zero where we have that helpless and help us to N is equal to zero put this education number 3rd and next we have Calculus and record is equal to zero has equal number 4 now from our equation method from the equation number 3rd and the equation of 4 year here from the equation number one from the equation number 1 and equation number 3rd so hair wig ET Al by 1 is equals to 2 is equals to 1 by -1 not put this as equation number 5 next from our equation 1 and equation number one ad depression bipolar we have 2 is equals to

I am by minus 1 is equal to n y - 14 this as equation number second sunao here now the angle between line 5 and fifth and sixth hair is cos theta is equals to 2 into 1 + - 1 1 2 2 minus 1 into two plus two plus minus 1 into minus 1 whole divided by under root of 2 square + under root of 2 square class -1 square plus minus 1 whole square into under root of 1 square + 2 square + - 1 square and this value is equals to year 2

- 2 + 1 divided by under root 6 into 106 and this is equals to 1 by 6 from here we have cos theta is equals to 1 by 6 and their theta is equal to Cos inverse 1 by 6 so from here we can say that this is our final answer thank you


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