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Find the adjoint of the matrix...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Let `C_("ij")` be a cofactor of `a_("ij")` in A. Then, the cofactors elements of A are given by <br> `C_(11)=|(1,-3),(2,3)|=9` <br> `C_(12)=-|(2,-3),(-1,3)|=-3` <br> `C_(13)=|(2,1),(-1,2)|=5` <br> `C_(21)=-|(1,1),(2,3)|=-1` <br> `C_(22)=|(1,1),(-1,3)|=4` <br> `C_(23)=-|(1,1),(-1,2)|=-3` <br> `C_(31)=|(1,1),(1,-3)|=-4` <br> `C_(32)=-|(1,1),(2,-3)|=5` <br> `C_(33)=|(1,1),(2,1)|=-1` <br> `:.` adj `A=[(9,-3,5),(-1,4,-3),(-4,5,-1)]^(T)=[(9,-1,-4),(-3,4,5),(5,-3,-1)]`

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hello everyone in this question find the adjoint of the matrix A this is a matrix which is given now let's see the solution for given matrix is a is equals to 121 - 3 - 1 2 and 3 Binu the formula of adjoint of matrix A that is transpose of cofactor of a matrix and the actor of matrix A is my school my is stands for column is equal to -1 raise to power I into minor of a matrix a factor of First row and first column is equal to -1 raise to power 1 + 1 is equal to

hide ISRO latest First row and first column so remaining is 1 - 32 and 33 write a Tier 1 - 32 and 34 solving this set is -1 is to power 2 into 1 into 3 minus 2 into minus 3 so it is whole square minus 11 3 into 3 into 2 - 6 and minus minus plus plus 6 and get here 639 into 1 is equal to 9 now find the cofactor of First row and second column is equal to minus 11 plus two

matrix is first and second column swimming is 2 - 3 - 12 - 3 - 1 and 3 - 1 days to power 3 and 2 into 3 6 minus minus 3 into minus 1 is 36 - 3 is its remaining - 6 - 33 and -3 no for the cofactors of all the remaining matrix is is equal to cofactor of First row first column is 9 cofactor of First row second column is -3

cofactor of first Row the Third column in 5 second row 5 - 1 second row second column 4 second or third column is -4 and is change row into column 9 - 35 - 14 - 3 - 45 - so this is the adjoint of matrix A and this is our required answer

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