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Class 12






Maxima And Minima


Find the absolute maximum v...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : Given : `f(x)=2 x^{3}-15 x^{2}+36 x+1`<br> `Rightarrow f^{prime}(x)=6 x^{2}-30 x+36`<br> For a local maximum or a local minimum<br> `f^{prime}(x)=0 `<br> `Rightarrow 6 x^{2}-30 x+36=0 `<br> `Rightarrow x^{2}-5 x+6=0 `<br> `Rightarrow(x-3)(x-2)=0` <br> `Rightarrow x=2 and x=3`<br> critical points `f` are 1, 2, 3 and 5 . <br> `f(1)=2(1)^{3}-15(1)^{2}+36(1)+1=24 `<br> `f(2)=2(2)^{3}-15(2)^{2}+36(2)+1=29 `<br> `f(3)=2(3)^{3}-15(3)^{2}+36(3)+1=28 `<br> `f(5)=2(5)^{3}-15(5)^{2}+36(5)+1=56`<br> absolute maximum value is `56` and the absolute minimum value is `24 `.


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Wapas question Diya find absolute maximum value and absolute minimum value of x is equals to minus x square + x cube in interval in closed interval -2 22.5 equation liye bola ki uski absolute mere se main Jarur nahin mila Nahin karni hai to pahle Bata ki maximum and minimum value Kaise nikalenge sabse pahle Ham nikalenge uska Kuchh 20 Karenge vahan se nikalenge critical point on critical points Ham Dekhenge ki Hamare Jo double differentiating Hai uski value kya hai Aakhir value positive Hai To aapke pass minimises Karega the value negative maximum vahan se nikal local minimum old local maximum value may be maximum and minimum New Year Ham Jo interval Hai Uske endpoints per Jo point per Jo

Valu ki vah Dekhenge Unse compare Karenge local video Local Maxima watch in Mein sabse bada hoga vah bhi maximum value only Mein sabse Chhota Ko Hamari minimum value To Chali dekhte hain to add two times of minus x on drug addiction - + 3 x square To Ham Jante Hamesha khush 20 karna hai to yah Kuchh 20 3 X square + 2 x minus 1 equal to zero is a factor is that even Jagah 3 x minus 1 into X + 1620 is equal to 1 by 3 and minus one of the difference between the double defence it was a compass you'd be doubled as X is equals to Iske differentiation using past 6 X + 22 MW dash of 1 by 3 + 2 +

to UFO Ami dekhte hain Residency uska matlab Yahan per mere pass Karega log kar meaning of minimum to access to an worksheet Aage hamare pass local minima of dekhte hain double dash of minus 1 minus x + 2 Y - 4 AI less than zero iska matlab Yahan per mere pass mein Hoga local Maxima Nahin aapke pass local maxima and minima kahan hai ab Hamen dekhna hai ki values and point ke sath mein Hamara function of minus x square + x cube to yahan se Hamara f of -10 Hai vah Jayega 9 by 4 minus 1 + 5 by 4 or F - 2 hours aaega

25 by 4 minus of 8 hours minus minus 1 by 4 Jaise object for 1 by 3 Cube solve karne per 7 bhai 108 aur f of 2.5 hamare pass mein 16 and 17 bhai Humne To local local menu key value aur and pointer value To ismein Hamen dekhne ki sabse Jyada kaun hai tu sabse Jyada Dekhe to Hua Hai yah Yog Hamara maximum yogya maximum in Samay se kam hai yah to Yog Hamara minimum to maximum Highway 157 up on a tour RX 100 2.5 play aur minimum Aaya Hai exercise 2 - 250 value -4° Hamen poochha Hai absolute maximum

absolute maximum Kya Hoga incommode absolute maximum absolute maximum ho jaega Ham Boss 13 30 December it ka Mod aur vo 157 157 B A Ho Gaya or absolute minimum ho jaega hamare pass mein minus 7 by 4 car mod 742184


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